Working exclusively with house legends Little Louie Vega, Timmy Regisford, Quentin Harris for Greece excluding Mykonos.

Being a promoter and organizing dozen’s of events with thousands of people has given Dino the experience and the knowhow on making people have a good time.

With huge success around Greece, taking care of tech Ryder’s, marketing and the hospitality of these superstars was no easy task, 10 years Dino learned how to be involved in House music from the very core of organizing to playing & producing music.

Dino has spent countless hours by the side of these 100% djs but also  visited their studios in new York grabbing education 1 on 1 from these worldwide artists which are also the mentors and biggest influences on Dinos musical style.


2002 was maybe Dinos’ biggest stepping stone for the future of his career as a promoter and later on a dj.

His meeting with Louie Vega & Oliver (his booking agent in Europe back then) turned out into a success and they where going to give Dino the chance on a Master at Work Booking with Kenny Dope first, if this event would turn out correct he would be booking Louie Vega his long time musical idol.

The 1st event was a huge success and everybody was excited with the organisation and professionalism that Dino showed, note that Dino was only 22 years old! The time had come and the booking was made for Little louie Vega at Bossa Nostra Noir and Dino had his once in a lifetime chance to succeed in his biggest booking ever at such a young age.

The event was a amazing sold out crazy party and the second booking was made with louie 1 month later, 2002 would be the year that the business relationship with Louie would be put to the test for an exclusive deal for Greece (excluding Cavo Paradiso)


2003 after a series of amazing events in 2002, Dino ties down an exclusive contract booking Louie Vega for Greece and a dream comes true as also his biggest learning experience next to this legend.


2004 the year of the Olympics held in Greece, Dino had his record hit year of bookings and events as a promoter with the biggest one being the booking Of Little Louie Vega and the Elements Of Life full band, a crew of 18 people at club Balux in Athens, a major success with over 2000 people attending and an amazing performance by Louie and the EOL Band


The 1st public dj session at one of Athens biggest venues ‘’Club Luv’’.

Dino always said one thing, being next to a dj like Louie Vega, cannot make u not want to play music! After practicing at home for a few years , Dino was given the chance to dj at one of the hottest spots in Athens, drawing a small crowd of 250 people, not a full room but definitely a good party and a great night! This was the start as Dino knew very well that he had easy access to the best Venues through his work as a promoter, all he had to do was a good job musically since the doors where open.

10 years later Dino is one of the best known names in Greece, with one of the heaviest dj schedules in country with almost 200 events a year and a few vistis abroad, New York, Miami, Boston Rome, Milano, Edinburg, Melbourne, Kosovo, Strumica, Shtip, Kocani.


A dream for Dino comes true, if there is one venue that is the mecca of djs worldwide its Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos. Dino gets his first chance and plays the opening set for 4000 people before Masters at Work!

Till this day 11.1.2016, 8 years later, Dino is one of the local residents with 7-8 shows every summer.

There is a small super club in Mykonos packing one of the best sound systems in Greece, ScarpaThe spot is waterfront and is dedicated to house music 7 nights a week!

Dino also gets the chance and djs there and as well as Dino knows how to do it, he does it! The 1st year playing over 150 nights!!

Dino is the main resident dj and musical manager for Scarpa until this very day over 7 years later!


Next step was production, having teamed up with super producers DSF & Chris IDH,  a learning period started and a huge musical movement was created, the MFU Bootlegs, the team was unstoppable, DSF & Chris as experienced producers and engineers and Dino as the magical ear knowing what to touch and creating awesome drums and final structures on the songs gave a number of local hits and international came as well, ‘’Bust Your Windows’; remix smashed the Greek radios as their remix of ‘’sweet disposition’’ by Temper Trap was rocked by djs like David Morales, Steve Aoki, Sebastian Ingrosso , Ultra Nate , Quentin Harris & more!

The remix ‘’You will never know’’ rocketed in Greece and was Noticed by Imany herself taking Dino Along her Greek tour as the after party dj.

Till today Dino has worked with dozens of producers and singers such as superstar Shaya, Justin Taylor & Slick Beats creating a musical style of soulful songs with groove!


Dino gets a slot in the Winter Music conference in Miami from his good friend Timmy Regisford for the 20th anniversary Shelter party!


Dino receives a gold record for the sales of Fallin by Playmen as being part of the golden remix with Agent Greg & DSF!


Dino starts what would be his biggest project, his Record Label Zero10 Records! A label dedicated to Greek producers!

Having failed earlier to cooperate with Mahayana Records causing Dino to stand up and move on his own!

The first release was a collaboration with Super Star Shaya and an amazing music video by Sherif Francis!

Till this day 11.01.16 Zero10 Records has over 90 releases, many which charted in a short period of over 2 years, 13.000 subscribers on YouTube with over 7.000.000 views, a platinum record and a production of over 50.000 audio cds on various collections, plus the project for the Cavo Paradiso 20 years cd compilation!

The biggest label project was the organizing of course through a&r Dino MFU  of the first ever house project in the Athens Concert Hall (Megaro mousikis Athinon) which was a outstanding show with over 1200 guests on a Wednesday night and djs had live shows with live musicians to electronic music through a backtrack!

The huge single came, ‘’On your Name’’.

The famous group duo Slickbeats had written an amazing slowtempo song, it was magic, Dino came across it and found the duo to discuss the transformation of it into a house song!

After that with a few studio sessions, the song became an amazing groovy house track with almost mythical vocals by singer Gabriel!

Today 11.1.2016 the song has over 3.000.000 YouTube views, charted every chart possible in Greece , a shazam favorite on 2013 and the start of a great year of collaborations with Slick Beats.


Dino follows up the magic and energy from singer Gabriel and co-created the amazing single ‘’Everyday’’

Dino wins a slot at the amazing Summer Beach Festival with 5.000 people


Teams up once again with super star Shaya and creates a magical song ‘’I Wonder with awarded music video!

A year of musical mayhem!

As Dino having amazing taste and knowing what will work he comes across a 25 year old country song by his cousin Justin Taylor ‘’Little girl eyes’’, it happened again teaming, Dino records the song over in Orlando USA with original singer Justin Taylor as the 25 year old masters where never found, he brings it back home to super producers Slick beats and boom!

“Little Girl Eyes” becomes the new summer hit song and loved by many!

Dino starts his residency at Bolivar beach with Slick beats , Saturday nights made in the best way in Athens magical location, bolivar, also for 2016!!

Dino gets a slot at the huge Strumica open festival with over 40.000 people, 55 min of a strong groovy house set and Dino wins the crowd over and receives the applause at the end!

Dino wins a slot in big Dreamland festival with over 7.000 people in Ancient Olympia!


Dino brings the new hit ‘’Can You’’ with his best music video, a video production that Dino sais was the hardest, longest and had the best result working along side acclaimed director Sherif Francis!

Dino earns a slot at the amazing color day festival in Athens which 32.000 people attended!

Collaboration with Justin Taylor on the song written by Gabriel Russel ‘’Day after Day’’

Dino has a record number of summer events hitting 78 dj performances in 3 months! (June,  July , August)

Dino has his record month of gigs, hitting 16 events in October alone!

During the winter season

Dino played for the first time in New York for New Year’s Eve.


Dj Survival is founded in Athens, Greece. An innovative DJing and Music Production School, that will soon prove to be a great success.

Dino teams up with Claydee, one of the most famous pop artists in Greece. Their collaboration on the song “No matter what” already counts 2 million views on youtube.

In June, Dino participates for the second time in the biggest dance music festival of Greece, the Colour Day Festival and plays music in front of 40.000 people!

2Miinds – Music & Media Group is founded. A group of companies mainly consisting of Dj Survival, Zero10 Records and services that include Graphic &  Web Design, Artist Management, Social Media Management etc

Dino continues his successful residency at Bolivar for a 3rd year in a row, at Cavo Paradiso for a 9th year in a row & at Scarpa, also for a 9th year in a row.

He hits a personal record of summer appearances, reaching 80 events in 90 days.

DJ Survival enters its 2nd season making a record of new students.

Dj Survival Concept Course opens its second branch in Cyprus.

Dino plays music for 12 hours straight with live streaming setting a new personal record.