• RELEASE DATE2015-05-12


The Milestone ep is here! An 8 track ep full of melody, groovy beats and amazing collaborations with superstar artists like Gabriel & B.Sykes but also the new mysterious Sad Puppy! Including remixes by profound greek artist Consoul Trainin & the young talented Nick Kech. The Gold remix goes to the famous NYC Underground dj Timmy Regisford which remixes Dino for a 2nd time on ‘’Can You’’, its when an artist of this level remixes a single , you understand the quality and potential of the original track. The real life Milsestone point in Dinos career, working on this project for 6 months bringing u Gabriels amazing vocal lines, B.Sykes killing the performance on Who are you? and an amazing musical collaboration with Zero10 Records new artist Sad Puppy! Including the hit single Can You? and ”Who are you’’ which already have been rotating on the radio for days now as the promo circulated , ‘’Bolivar” is dedicated to the Athens super club reminding you what summer sounds like and ”Like Lovers Do’’ is here to hit us with what love & romance is about. Always faithful to Dinos personality, MileStone is about love, feelings , melody and hooks that will make u feel.